Why Choose Us

Here are 7 reasons why we think you should choose EM Plants to supply your garden centre:

top quality

We've known all our growers personally for years. We know exactly how they operate and the conditions in which they grow their plants. They're all grown here in the UK so they never sit on a lorry for days and days before they reach you.

They go from the nursery to your store in 24 hours.


We can buy from as many as 8 different growers for each type of plant – around 25 in total so we always choose the best plants every time for you to offer to your customers.

speed of delivery

Place a quick order by email and you'll have it within the same week.


You can always reach us on the phone and we'll never let you down.


Our minimum order is just ONE trolley! And we can deliver more than once a week during peak season.

value for money

We work hard to make sure I can pass on the best prices to you.

supporting uk jobs

      All our plants are locally grown in nurseries in East Anglia.

Want an ultra reliable, ultra flexible plant supplier? 

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